Kaleidoscope Vol II


Track List

  1. Silent Lake
  2. Higher Ground feat. Rob Rock
  3. Pegasus
  4. Hello Krueger feat. Andy Martongelli
  5. Sunset Strip
  6. Back To Power
  7. Trip to the Moon feat. Maestro Mistheria
  8. Battle of Giants
  9. Break the Cage – Thunder Rising Band
  10. The Best Things Are Free – Thunder Rising Band & Alessandro Del Vecchio
  11. Progressive Age
  12. Magic Mountain
  13. Summer Never End

Special Guest

  • Rob Rock: Vocals on Higher Ground
  • Maestro Mistheria: Solo Keyboards in Trip to The Moon
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio: Solo Keyboards on The Best Things Are Free
  • Andy Martongelli: Solo Guitar on Hello Krueger
  • Andrea De Paoli: Solo Keyboards on Higher Ground
  • Dino Fiorenza: Bass on Higher Ground

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Dimensioni 20 x 20 x 2 cm